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I really hate the humanity switch. I feel like it’s an excuse for vampires to not deal with their problems. Instead of going through pain and suffering like a normal person, they can just turn it off and push it out of their minds.

Why does this Maggie storyline matter? It’s not like she has any connection to the travelers. I feel like there’s no point to this episode besides getting rid of another friend for Damon.

I’m so confused over the point of the Travelers. They want to be able to practice magic but how does drinking Tyler’s blood and turning into vampires help that? Can’t you not be both a witch and a vampire or does that not apply to travelers?

Five words that make me want to vamp toss my keys into your chest cavity

Damon Salvatore (to Matt)

3x19 “A Curious Thing” Sneak Peek

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The diner was closed. They were alone.
She didn’t just order up some cocoa from Granny and magic it over to him.

She made it for him.

Either by hand or with her magic.
I’m not sure which I find more adorable.
She’s probably not at the stage yet where she can just conjure up food out of thin…